Call for Abstracts/Papers

We're looking for submissions on the following topics:

Welcome to the ChemE Show, the premier event co-hosted by AIChE and Hydrocarbon Processing for chemical engineers around the world. This year’s conference is focused on decarbonization, sustainability, and emerging technologies, and we are seeking submissions for presentations on a wide range of related topics, including:

Decarbonization/Sustainability: Share your knowledge and expertise on decarbonization and sustainability, including carbon capture and storage, renewable energy, and green chemistry.
Refining-Petrochemical Integration: Present your latest research and insights on the integration of refining and petrochemical processes.
Chemical Recycling/Circular Economy: Showcase your work on chemical recycling and the circular economy, including new technologies and best practices.
Emerging Technologies: Highlight the latest emerging technologies in chemical engineering, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, and more.
Green Petrochemicals: Discuss the use of biofeedstocks and other sustainable materials in the production of petrochemicals.
AI/Machine Learning/Digital Transformation: Share your expertise on the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital transformation in the chemical engineering industry.
Process Controls, Instrumentation, Automation: Present your latest insights and best practices for process controls, instrumentation, and automation in chemical engineering.
Catalyst Technologies: Discuss the latest developments in catalyst technologies, including novel catalysts and reaction engineering.
Energy Transition Technologies/Operations: Share your knowledge and expertise on energy transition technologies and operations, including sustainability in the energy industry.
Petrochemicals Market Analysis: Provide your latest market analysis on the petrochemicals industry, including trends, challenges, opportunities, and capital investment.
Maintenance/Reliability/Safety: Share your insights on maintenance, reliability, and safety in chemical engineering operations.
Plant Design, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning: Discuss best practices and challenges in plant design, engineering, construction, and commissioning.
Flow Control Technologies: Present your latest insights and developments in flow control technologies, including pumps, valves, and turbomachinery.

We encourage you to submit your proposal to be considered for the conference.